Welcome on the podcast Fait Main (it means « handmade » in french)!
I’m Melanie and I created this podcast a year ago, to meet virtually creative entrepreneurs. I interviewed so far women who sew, paint, draw or do embroidery. I’ve been crafting myself for many many years now, and as I love hearing podcasts, I decided to create my own one and discover the creative journey my guests are taking and enjoying!
For this special episod, I’m with Cecile Metzger, also known as Coucou Illustration, a french freelance illustrator. Cecile does this for a living for 3 years now and she’s only 25. She now lives in Florence in Italy. She mainly paints for children’s literature. She has this unique style, with really soft colors and sweet feelings.
With Cécile, we spoke about her work, creativity, inspiration and Instagram. We also recorded an episod in French, with other questions, so if you understand French, I’m sure it will interest you !
Have a good listening 😉